Smart Choices for Wellness

We are the first generation of people to ever be exposed on a daily basis to such an unprecedented number of chemicals. At no other time, have people, through reading and education, had such an important and crucial role in determining their own wellness.”– Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, American College of Allergy and Immunology


Our world has changed. We’re now bombarded daily with environmental impurities which we’re ingesting, inhaling, and absorbing into our bodies at a rapid rate. Additionally, our nutritionally bankrupt foods containing additives, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals-all compounded by the effects of stress–are detrimental to people of all ages with serious impact upon their health destinies.

I know this first hand.

In 2004, a loved one was stricken with a mysterious illness, severely affecting his body, brain and behavior. After more than a year of exhaustive tests, he was finally diagnosed with toxic encephalopathy, presumed to have resulted from both long-term and acute exposure to toxic agents.

His history offered clues which led down the toxic trail. Exposed early to a potent toxic stew of chemical compounds while living for two decades on an industrial site, and in a turn-of-the century home with lead paint and pipes, compounded by long-term exposure to toxic mold, then stricken with Lyme and other toxins from our 21st century world, the weight from the “body burden” of toxicity, his body went haywire and manifested a multitude of symptoms. With his genetics compromising his ability to process out all these accumulated impurities, the inflammatory reaction wreaked havoc on every system of his body.

As a result, my eyes have been opened to what researchers tracking the ramifications of toxic exposure have called “the 21st century silent epidemic.” Toxic exposure is commonplace in today’s world and linked to many health issues. Thousands of toxic agents are impacting millions of people today with a multitude of symptoms with effects not often easily or properly diagnosed or treated. Additionally, nutritional deficiencies resulting from changes in our food, agriculture, busy lifestyles, stress and more are eroding wellness today.

Creating optimum health and well-being is vital for enjoying life with abundant energy.  That’s why I speak to groups and organizations about how our health is being impacted in today’s world and smart choices to support health. My presentation offers wellness wisdom for all who are:

  • Alarmed over mounting headlines about increasing toxic impact and connection to health issues
  • Concerned about what’s happening to the quality of our food, air, and water
  • Wanting to feel more energized-with more gusto
  • Wondering how to feel more focused, improve sleep, lose weight and feel great!
  • Exploring choices to enhance wellness

I advocate smart choices for maximizing wellness at a time when nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, obesity, and stress are taking a dramatic toll on health destinies. My presentations awaken audiences regarding these health realities and offers insights for enhancing health and well-being today.

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Sandy is a fabulous role model; she is encouraging, upbeat and informative. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. We appreciated her message and participant feedback was excellent. We will definitely invite Sandy back again!” – June Turner, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C. 


Excellent information, interesting and compelling.” – Pam Patton, Manager, AOL 


Smart Choices for Wellness was informative and enlightening. Great information about today’s realities on health issues. Sandra Strauss is a dynamic and informative speaker!– Sharon Kay Hackett, Organization Development and Training Division, Fairfax County Government