Room and AV

Room and AV Setup

Sandy Strauss is a dynamic speaker who will connect with your audience! To help make this happen, your logistical support is appreciated. Please….

  • Provide some space for her to move around. If possible, use a riser for groups of 100 or more.
  • If possible, place the lectern at one end of the stage. Sandy needs room to walk around on stage, and she wants to ensure that the lectern doesn’t block the audience’s view.
  • Provide a wireless, hands-free, Lavaliere microphone or handheld, cordless microphone.
  • For any size audience, have the audience close to the speaker. In addition, it’s better to have seating a little “tight” than to have a partially-filled room.
  • Have a well-lit room. Consider using spot lights to brighten the speaker’s area.
  • Discuss beforehand any video camera setup. Make the camera is as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Provide a 6-8 foot rectangular table at the back of the room or in the hallway for book signing and materials.
  • Have a 2-3 foot rectangular table on stage or at front for props.
  • Provide a bottle of room temperature water, not cold.
  • If books, handouts, or other materials are included, please provide onsite help for setup the day of the event.

Thank you!