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Meeting planners book Sandy Strauss to speak before their groups, organizations and businesses because she delivers content-rich, interactive, and meaningful presentations that audiences enjoy, absorb and value.

A member of the National Speakers Association, Sandy is a proven keynoter, speaker, and workshop leader. She is the President of Dynamic Options, Inc. and has an extensive background as a media and marketing specialist, business communications coach, and professional speaker.

Customizing Presentations
to Support Your Goals

Sandy’s presentations are tailored to your needs. She weaves her messages of Guts, Grace & Gusto to support your specific goals and resonate to the needs of your audience. Interested in a presentation focused on overcoming challenges? Inspiring excellence in creating positive and productive work environments? Creating valued connections? Uplifting audience with messages of the power of perseverance and resilience? Sandy works with you to tailor her presentations to create an unforgettable, content-rich, and dynamic presentation.

Sandy’s most requested presentations include:

Smart Choices for Wellness

We are the first generation of people to ever be exposed on a daily basis to such an unprecedented number of chemicals. At no other time have people, through reading and education, had such an important and crucial role in determining their own wellness.”– Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, American College of Allergy and Immunology

Our world has changed. We’re now bombarded daily with environmental impurities which we’re ingesting, inhaling, and absorbing into our bodies at a rapid rate. Additionally, our nutritionally bankrupt foods containing additives, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals-all compounded by the effects of stress-are detrimental to people of all ages with serious impact upon their health destinies.

Creating optimum health and well-being is vital for enjoying life with abundant energy. Sandra’s presentation offers wellness wisdom for all who are:

  • Alarmed over mounting headlines about increasing toxic impact and connection to health issues
  • Concerned about what’s happening to the quality of our food, air, and water
  • Wanting to feel more energized-with more gusto
  • Wondering how to feel more focused, improve sleep, lose weight and feel great!
  • Exploring choices to enhance wellness
Sandy is a fabulous role model; she is encouraging, upbeat and informative. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. We appreciated her message and participant feedback was excellent. We will definitely invite Sandy back again!”– June Turner, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

Sandra Strauss, a Wellness Coach and author of several books, helps people ignite purpose and passion in all their life pursuits. Her mission is to encourage winning choices for work, life and wellness. Sandra advocates smart choices for maximizing wellness at a time when nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, obesity, and stress are taking a dramatic toll on health destinies. Her presentations awaken audiences regarding these health realities and offers insights for enhancing health and well-being in today’s world.

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Excellent information, interesting and compelling.”– Pam Patton, Manager, AOL


Meeting Life’s Challenges with Guts, Grace & Gusto

bookcover3Life has its inevitable twists and turns. Unexpected events can dash our dreams while we are on our way to creating abundant lives. The attitudes we hold and the actions we take when facing life’s experiences are fundamental to our happiness, well-being, and sense of security.

When we take the right steps to reach desired outcomes, we are powered with purpose to create a fulfilling future and rise above the challenges or toxic situations that can trip us up.

This program touches all who recognize life’s detours and seek ways to re-ignite, rediscover and re-energize themselves, and to embrace their authentic selves overflowing with potential.

Meeting Life’s Challenges with Guts, Grace & Gusto features success strategies and stories, including how to:

  • Face life’s unexpected journeys with determination
  • Prioritize and free up your resources to adapt to change
  • Sustain and energize yourself in the midst of transitions
  • Focus on realities but hold a positive vision for the future
  • Set intentions in all aspects of your life to enjoy a dynamic destiny
  • Embrace your potential and put it into expression
  • Use a sense of humor and create “jolts of joy” for lightening up the way

A very dynamic and energetic speaker. Exceptional!”– Jean Honey, Research & Assessment Analyst, Chesapeake College
Energizing the Winning Spirit at Work with

The winning spirit is a vibrant, unstoppable attitude combined with high-performance energy that produces positive, powerful and productive results. People who choose energizing attitudes and actions make a dramatic difference in the workplace. Their enthusiasm, exceptional service, and commitment to extending their best create an atmosphere focused on excellence—all highly valued by colleagues, customers and clients and reflected in the bottom-line, repeat business and job retention.

This program is customized to your specific interests, needs and objectives, presented as a keynote or in extended sessions with a focus to:

  • Enhance teamwork to foster a cooperative spirit
  • Inspire compelling connections with positive and powerful strategies
  • Recognize and reward the valuable contributions people provide in terms of their gifts, talents, energy and other resources
  • Power up a winning attitude
  • Show up to shine
  • Create a personal legacy of excellence

Sandy’s presentation style was very upbeat and energetic. She engaged our group with thought-provoking questions.” – Debra A. Corbell, Horizon Chillicothe Telephone Co., Chillicothe, OH

Get Along with Guts, Grace & Gusto!


Dynamic interpersonal skills create enduring impressions and connections. Whether involved in marketing and sales, connecting with customers, clients or members, or creating teams of excellence, our relationships dramatically impact profitability, productivity, motivation, morale and well-being.

This program is customized to your specific interests and objectives, and is presented as a keynote, or in extended sessions for building positive and productive connections to:

  • Boost morale, teamwork & foster a cooperative spirit
  • Power up winning attitudes
  • Reduce stress
  • Create enduring connections of excellence, not indifferent ones!
  • Get to the H.E.A.R.T. of needs
  • Speak the language of connection
  • Gain customer confidence, respect, trust and repeat business
  • Handle prickly people and challenging situations with diplomacy
  • Get more business, more referrals and more of everything you want

Packed full of valuable information. Sandy’s program is professional, fun and dynamic!”– Carol Cook, Communications Specialist, American Institute for Cancer Research

Sponsorship Opportunities with Sandra Strauss

Sandra invites sponsors to contact her or call 703-273-6457 to discuss possible sponsorship opportunities that are a good fit with her expertise and experience. She has expertise in business operations, sales, public relations, consumer marketing, media relations, and communications, in addition to training and professional speaking.

Sandy’s messages reflect the robust energy of today’s women–expressing dynamic energy, resilience, resourcefulness, and putting potential to work in creating a life of meaning and purpose. Her messages resonate with her audiences, demonstrating how to go for all the gusto in life with passion, purpose and adventure, while encouraging confidence, self-care and self-discovery. Her presentations are filled with inspiration, high-energy and plenty of content—all for memory-making impact.

She also crafts customized messages specifically targeted to audiences, highlighting the vital preparation for life’s unexpected events, and dealing with their aftermath. She speaks from personal experience. Sandra and her husband were very fortunate to have purchased long-term care insurance prior to his chronic illness since he permanently resides in assisted living. She recognizes the value of that investment, considers it to be the “best investment ever made,” and promotes the importance of advance planning. Sandy welcomes inquiries from insurance companies and other groups to discuss sponsorship of her inspiring programs.