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Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto


Stories of hope in the face of changing circumstances, Dancing through Life with Guts Grace & Gusto is a collection of inspiring stories about women who courageously navigated life’s challenges with courage, humor, adventure, wisdom and grit.

Co-author Sandy Strauss reveals how her personal and professional worlds were rocked when her husband became suddenly and mysteriously ill. Through her ordeal, she confronted her fears, her darkest days and her daily exhaustion as she faced a mountain of responsibilities, health emergencies & care issues for her husband and mother simultaneously.

Dancing through Life with Guts Grace & Gusto is both an inspirational resource and an instructional guide for navigating life’s challenges while searching for balance, well-being, and success. You will learn how to:


  • Attract abundance & manifest your dreams…
  • Sustain yourself through times of transition…
  • Take time for yourself & focus on moments of joy
  • Enjoy supportive relationships…
  • Recognize your ability to create a succulent life…
  • Express yourself as an energetic woman who lives life with gusto


What People Have To Say About Guts Grace & Gusto:

I took this book to the beach with me on vacation – great decision! I loved the advice and perspective on creating a more meaningful life. Guts Grace & Gusto was definitely an inspiration; I enjoyed it so much I bought additional copies for birthday gifts. Five stars!”
– Laura Smith, New York, NY


This is a wonderful book full of stories of ordinary women and how they’ve dealt with challenges we’d wake up at night screaming about. It reminds us that everyone has a story and the quality of our lives depends on how we deal with it.”
– online posting

A book that gives you lots of “food for thought” about what life can bring you and how to come out on the other side of your problem with a positive attitude. Poignant and humorous in some instances. A great read!”
– B. Bochner, Chicago, IL


Every diva, arrived or aspiring, must read this book! She will find herself, her mother, sister or girlfriend in every chapter and will be reassured to know that we never do have to dance alone.”
– Cynthia H. de Lorenzi, Chief Executive and Founder, Success in the City

Guts, Grace & Gusto is filled with grand, not giddy, wisdom which can un-trap you from your own boundaries. The authors prove that when life isn’t the party you hoped for, it’s time to start dancing.”
– Madelyn Jennings, Senior VP-Personnel, Gannett Co., Chair-Executive Committee, The Freedom Forum


I LOVED IT!! A ‘MUST READ’ for every woman who has ever faced challenges in her life. A ‘bible’ for every woman to reference whenever life throws them a curve . . . a guaranteed motivator to take anyone from feeling defeated to being renewed again, back on the right path with a transformed sense of purpose.”
– Cathi Adams, Divorce Secrets: What Every Woman Should Know

These powerful personal stories from phenomenal yet ordinary women will encourage and instill a spirit that you, too, can conquer anything that comes your way.”
– Barbranda Lumpkins Walls, Contributor to Soul Sanctuary: Images of the African American Worship Experience

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Get Along With Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
8 Keys to Creating Enduring Connections with
Customers, Coworkers . . . Even Kids!

“In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. They are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.” – author Margaret Wheatley

Our success, happiness, and well-being are largely the by-products of our ability to get along well with others and cultivate positive relationships. By revving up the connecting spirit, we attract cherished friendships, valuable relationships, memorable moments, and an abundance of opportunities throughout our circles of influence. At the same time, we reduce the numbers of misunderstandings and conflicts that cost us dearly whether in the form of frustration, confusion, stress, lost revenue, heartache, headaches, or other draining experiences.
Sandy Strauss, in association with co-author Arnold Sanow, have shared people-connecting skills contained in Get Along with corporations, associations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. They’re vital for creating positive environments with our families, friends, colleagues, andothers in our arenas of influence. The authors studied the attitudes and actions of those who radiate ”get along” power, and have identified exactly how to positively influence and empower others.
You will learn how to:


    • Gain instant rapport
    • Widen your influence
    • Build a powerful, engaging presence
    • Expand your network of personal and professional connections
    • Project a confident image
    • Maintain the interest, respect, and trust of others
    • Construct healthy and meaningful relationships
    • Strengthen existing relationships
    • Reduce tension and stress from energy-draining dynamics
    • Manage conflicts proficiently
    • Handle prickly behaviors
    • Repair and restore disconnections
    • Enjoy enduring connections


 What People Have To Say About Get Along:


Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere offers a useful reminder of what we all need to make our lives and our businesses work better: communication, openness and sincerity. It’s so easy to lose touch with these concepts in a busy stressful day, but Sanow and Strauss make a compelling argument that it’s worth it to make the effort.”
– Margaret Webb Pressler,
Business Reporter/Columnist,
The Washington Post


Studies of successful people demonstrate that it is effective communications skills, not academic achievements that are most strongly associated with success. Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere is one of the most innovative, practical, easy-to-read books that I’ve read in a long time. It is a “must read” for anyone who wants to succeed through effective communication in a challenging business world.”
– Cathi Cohen, Author, Raise Your Child’s Social IQ

Get Along is more than a book. It provides a step-by-step strategy to build positive relationships, get along with others, connect with everyone and boost your communications IQ!”
– Edward Segal, Author, Getting Your 15 Minutes of Fame and More


Get Along provides the competitive advantages your company or organization needs in order to survive and prosper in today’s challenging environment.”
– Marjorie Brody, Author, 21st Century Pocket Guide to Proper Business Protocol

Read it and learn that the HEART of needs contains the ART of needs—appreciation, respect and trust. A super book!”
– Clara L. Adams-Ender
Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Retired
President/CEO, CAPE Associates, Inc.

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