Many of us in the Washington DC metro area are still without power, days after the ferocity of Friday’s storm put millions of us in the dark. It perfectly coincided with record-breaking heat. No power + record heat = long days of misery and nights without any flickers of light. This is a ripe opportunity for dealing with “what is”, when unexpected events slam into your life requiring adaptability and some serious attitude adjusting.

Take away our electricity and our lives are instantly changed–far beyond the creature comforts of staying cool when it’s sizzling outside, keeping refrigerated  foods fresh or out of the dark when light is desired. Every time I forget what I don’t have and flick a switch out of habit, it’s a gentle reminder of gratitude for the things taken so much for granted. Living in a plugged in, wired up world of convenience, instant accessibility, work from anywhere, efficiency and countless other ways, what a lesson in adapability and attitude adjustment when it all goes kaput!

Changes and unwelcome events bring on stress, especially those out of our control to affect change, so we’ve got to rely upon our power to change what we can.  We’ve got choices every moment about dealing with change. Immediate ones might be some ranting, raving, whining which mght offer some immediate release, but not truly effective, orchoose to refocus and power up on solutions and attitudes that shift a “poor me”or victim mentality into a place of personal power, especially needed when our outer power is no longer available.

Gratitude often shifts perspective when we might be suffering. Some often suffer far more, and in the case of Friday’s storm, some literally losing life and limb. Some did lose their lives from the ravages of the storm.  Cars were crushed by falling limbs. Property damage extensive all over the area from falling trees. My next door neighbor’s huge old oak tree crash landed onto my other neighbor’s roof with thousands of dollars of damage, not covered by insurance.

I am grateful I just lost some landscaping and sorry for the great losses and suffering of others. I am grateful for my friends and moved by all who opened up their hearts and homes to extend welcomes from the summer heat and massive blackout.

Life offers us constant chances to practice gratitude, providing us with perspectives that can shift us and change our experience and attitude when unwelcome events swirl into our lives, keeping us powered up to tackle “what is” in its unlimited possibilities.



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