the winning spirit, winning attitudesThe Olympic medal winners around the world are now basking in the glow of their success. As the Olympic coverage has reported, glory often taking place in just a few moments. Yet, often the path paved to the victory stand is riddled with challenges, crushing defeats, exhaustion, disappointments and more.

Yet, the winning spirit, of giving it all they’ve got, is keeping focused with their eye on the prize, until being put to the test with the whole world watching.

That winning spirit has been reinforced countless times featuring news reports of athletes gathered from around the world–their hardships and tough times endured. Undoubtedly, pure ecstacy for the athletes, of seeing dreams fulfilled after all the years training for those brief shining moments, when it all comes together.

Borrowing from that same Olympic spirit, what victories do you want?  Take a look at where your mental, physical, emotional energy goes daily. Are you consciously focusing on what you want?  Do you have a burning desire to taste victory in whatever form that takes? To savor that sweet taste of success, examine your attitudes and actions.

Think bold thoughts, acting with purposeful intention and move through the world with that winning spirit, because that’s what manifests desired results and the laurels of achievement.  If you have any doubts, reflect on what the medal winners do, then act that way. All those who take action toward their goals, take risks, persevere and make bold moves to achieve things beyond their wildest dreams.

The winning spirit is a rocky trail, with occasional missteps and mistakes along the journey. As you plot and plan your way to your dreams, you can lose your footing as Olympians have, too, on the way to the top, but persevere for all that’s gained in the process.

Life offers unlimited opportunities for both winning and missing the mark. Rather to miss the mark than miss the journey of putting forth your best effort. Playing it too safe is probably the biggest mistake of all. The trick is not to let either mistakes or fear deter you from your path to get what you desire most.

When you reach your personal victory stand, whether that’s starting a new business venture, getting a promotion, claiming success as you desire, moving out of your comfort zone, savor the view! Your mountain peak experience becomes more exhilarating when you see how far you’ve come and what you’ve gained along the way.


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