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This morning I received one of those friendship emails, how the bond of friendship sustains us through life’s twists and turns, celebrations and challenges of life, and passed it on to those who have done exactly that. Then, an hour later, I got a call from a dear long-time friend, cancelling her birthday celebration tomorrow, having to deal with the crazymaking throes of her mother’s dementia living hours away. A disappointment because we don’t get to see one another often enough, but more importantly she needs a big dose of R & R because her stress level is tipping the scales in the danger zone between her mom’s care issues, son’s job search and work overload.

Times like this call for more than a Facebook update status. What undoubtedly would help in boosting sagging spirits is a”cappucino connection,” that utterly delicious blending of friends coming together to share a slice of time (and maybe something chocolate to take away some of the stress and heartache)—in a bottomless cup of comfort that lingers long after the last drop. Read the rest of this entry »

attitude, happinessAhhh–the gift of inspiration!  I unwrapped a present Christmas morning–a plaque emblazoned with messages for the heart and soul. As I read each one out loud, I knew their truth right down to my bones–the attitudes and actions for creating a daring life adventure filled with harmony, happiness and well-being. The perfect gift, since I speak to businesses and other organizations about the importance of energizing work, life and wellness. They’re magical if fully embraced in creating transformations, of closing gaps between what is and what you want to be.  If you’re assembling a list of New Years’ resolutions, these will have you soaring!

  1. Direct Your Own Destiny
  2. Believe in Yourself
  3. Find Reasons to Smile
  4. Embrace the Journey
  5. Have Faith
  6. Conquer New Heights
  7. Follow Your Heart
  8. Explore New Horizons
  9. Dare to Dream
  10. Let Laughter Happen
  11. Share the Joy
  12. Write Yourself a Happy Ending

I love this list and upon reviewing it more closely, recognized how in tune it is with our Guts, Grace & Gusto Guidelines featured in Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto which I wrap my presentation talking points around.  These are vital to navigating the twists, turns and transitions encountered on our journeys. We’re all dancing along a tangled path of competing priorities, multiple challenges, squeezed by limitations of time and energy, meeting unexpected detours, collecting lessons for the heart along the way.  We need reminders to get us back on track, because our best intentions can get derailed at times. Read the rest of this entry »

goals, happinessDo you resonate to a specific place that makes your heart sing? Mine is the mountains, especially massive, majestic ones, snow and ice-capped with ancient glaciers. Fortunately on a recent trip to France, my travel companions, Anne and Sarah, resonate to them as well.  So, we booked a few days in the chic and charming village of Chamonix, in the valley of the shadow of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. A mountain peak experience to top off our vacation earlier exploring lavender, cobbled streets and the pastoral beauty of Provence.

Anne has quite a connection to the region. French by birth and fueled by a family tradition of climbing majestic Mont Blanc, she took on the challenge and achieved her mountaintop victory five years ago, contributing her story of her gutsy adventures in Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto. While we were in Chamonix, Anne arranged for Sarah and I to meet her multi-talented guide, Lionel Wibault, credited with nearly 2,500 ascents of mountain ranges worldwide. But in addition to his  mountain-climbing prowess, Lionel is an accomplished artist and painter, having his works exhibited at the Louvre, among many other galleries. Artistic genius runs in the family. His father, Marcel Wibault, had 4000 paintings to his credit.

Looking around Lionel’s colorful studio, amidst paintings of mountainscapes, fields of flowers and portraits, I was impressed with his many creative mediums beyond  the canvas. Lionel had intricately carved wooden door panels, painted floral designs in the ceiling, and beautiful calligraphy upon his walls, one which translates as “ Beauty reveals itself to you when you have given your all” and another on his studio door, Bien faire et laisser dire” ( Don’t worry what people say, just do your best). Read the rest of this entry »

In rummaging throlove and happiness, relationships, goalsugh my files tonight I came upon a “heartwork” assignment given to my daughter, Stacy, when she was 17.  Admittedly, I was a most intentional parent with a desire for her to make choices for creating a happy, purposeful life. Now eight years later, and with her wedding less than three weeks away, she definitely took it all to heart, and her life has become a reflection of living in alignment with her values and very conscious choices.

Stacy probably didn’t need any nudging, and undoubtedly with me being an author, speaker and coach on living with guts, grace & gusto, those messages swirled around our home all the time. Self-reflection and intentional living was definitely in her gene pool.  However, I was likely the one who needed the assurance that she would be launched from the nest, properly outfitted to soar with all the tools and tactics to carve out a destiny in tune with her heart. Read the rest of this entry »

How much “play” time do you schedule into your day?

“Play? You say?? Do you know all of what I have to do throughout the day?” Sound familiar? Are you overwhelmed and exhausted being a master or maven of multi-tasking?

There are days, I feel the same. Hit the ground running, attending meetings, networking events, coordinating projects, trainings and presentations, creating and responding to a deluge of emails, making and taking calls, and adding to and checking off that never-ending “Things to Do” list. Some days I collapse without taking barely a minute for play. It’s not a healthy pace to keep up because it can drain  my overall effectiveness, so I have to remember to “walk my talk.”–to take time just to be and build play time somewhere into the day to keep me more centered, creative, productive and happy. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m always inspired by stories of transformation–of people making choices that dramatically change their destiny.  This morning, NBC’s Today featured a woman who’s learned the power of giving and has experienced amazing shifts in her health and well-being.

Cami Walker was dealing with the complications of multiple sclerois (MS) and during one sleepless night she picked up  her journal and re-read a note from a telephone session with her spiritual advisor two months before, which suggested she give something away for 29 days.

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