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weight loss, health & wellnessIt’s truly heartening to see the Mega Mouse empire of The Walt Disney Co. take a stand in support of healthier food choices for kids and do something about it. Not just lip service but a plan in place for throwing out junk food advertising and the millions of lost revenue that goes with that committment, to help kids make healthier choices.

It definitely takes more than a village to impact global health with all of its complexities and the growing incidence of childhood obesity.  With Michelle Obama in attendance who’s championing fighting chidhood obesity, Disney Chairman and CEO, Roger Iger, announced earlier this week that Disney would ban all junk-food advertising, including from their Disney cable network and Saturday morning shows on ABC, with plans to take effect in 2015, the delay due to contractual arrangements with advertisers.

“We’ve taken steps across our company to support better choices for families and now, we’re taking the next important step forward by setting new food advertising standards for kids,” commented Iger. The new plan will follow nutritional guidelines similar to federal standards promoting fruit and vegetable consumption, limiting calories and reducing saturated fat, sodium and sugar.

We’re all ears, Disney, in hearing more about your committment for impacting healthier destinies. Hopefully, your leadership will inspire other companies to follow your lead with messaging that supports wellness for kids so they grow up making choices for delighting in a world of wellness and well-being. That is indeed the Magic Kingdom, when your world is filled with possibilities and you’ve got your health to make your dreams come true.



In my work as a Lifestyle and Wellness coach, I ask my clients and participants in my wellness workshops about their wellness wishes–how they want to look and feel. The most frequent wellness wishes topping the list are to have more energy, to lose weight, and to simply feel better. They’re sick and tired of not experiencing the quality of life that they long for, and it’s affecting their happiness and well-being.

So there’s the gap–the difference between their current reality of where they are, and where they wish they were on a higher rung of the wellness scale. Closing the gap means taking action to transform a wellness wish into reality and knowing why you want or need to do that. Sometimes it’s because their doctor has recommended some changes, but often it comes from within, of not wanting to continue life without the vitality, the gusto, that comes with improved wellness.

This means changing a pattern that’s obviously not creating their desired results. That takes commitment of an intention to take action in closing the gap to experience a better state of wellness, that they’ve determined they want. And so it goes for all of us who desire a different reality to enjoy vibrant energy, vitality and a healthy weight.

The degree of your commitment to what you want, usually makes all the difference in achieving those goals. So does your belief.  Your beliefs are powerful and largely influence your success–if you can envision a different state of wellness and believe you can achieve it (even with periodic doubt), your positive belief will reinforce your desires. Same is true when people don’t believe they can transform their current circumstances–they’re likely to derail their success, because they’re putting more power into failure, likely based on a pattern that’s hounded them. Read the rest of this entry »

weight loss, health & wellnessHave you ever been so determined to achieve a life-changing goal that you set your intention and boldly declared you were going for it? As a wellness coach, I work with many who do just that. Some are tired of feeling constantly fatigued, exhausted, overweight, and other conditions that are robbing them of vibrant living. They’re  seeking solutions to look and feel better, to have more energy, shed pounds and inches, often lots of them, and to make healthier choices.  It requires setting intentions to succeed and the challenge of changing habits that support their health.  It’s rewarding to see people who set those intentions and take them to heart, reach their goals and triumph in their victories.

There are many factors working against wellness today and why two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and one-third considered obese. Our world has changed and our bodies barraged by toxins, stress and nutritional deficiencies, which contribute to weight gain, energy drain and many degenerative conditions. Toxins and impurities are surrounded by fat cells which accumulate around the organs, midriff and throughout the body in the form of toxic fat. Whole body nutritional cleansing has proven to be an effective solution for so many seeking weight loss and enhancing their overall health. Read the rest of this entry »

Whenever I’m coaching  clients or giving presentations about creating and sustaining wellness today, I hear lots of wishes: “I wish I could get my energy back . . . I wish I could lose this weight . . . I wish I could feel good again. My body seems so out of balance.” People are often trying to do the right things, trying to eat foods they think are healthy (this is where things get very dicey) , include exercise, but many are not getting desired results.

The fact is our world has changed and new factors are impacting health today and putting wellness at risk–toxicity, stress & nutritional bankruptcy of food are contributing to weight gain, energy drain, immune problems, sleep issues and more.

People are packing on pounds, often around their midriff, as fat cells surround toxins as a means of protection.  Problem is, all that protection against toxic invasion is causing lots of people to gain weight, and along with it, increased risk of widespread health problems and chronic health issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get into shape, lose weight, or vow to take better care of your health? If so, are you truly committed to making changes and sticking to your good intentions to achieve desired results? Making some smart choices for supporting or improving your wellness is vital. It means a willingness to change habits that aren’t getting you what you want, and wholeheartedly sticking to them. Otherwise, as much as you may want to wish your way to losing weight or better health, it’s unlikely you won’t get there.

Self-doubt can sabotage the best intentions. Negative energy can spiral you into self-defeat, causing feelings of an inability to direct your life as you desire. Often, the decision to take action or not is based on your belief in the possibility for success or probability of failure. Those who have broken through the barriers of “impossible” cling to the adage: “If you think you can you can, or if you think you can’t . . . you’re right!” If you think something is possible—that you can lose weight—you move forward to make that your reality.

Likewise, when you think something is impossible or not likely to happen, e.g. “I’ve tried losing weight before and never am successful. So why should it be different now?” It can be different by your choice to stick with your intentions. Your beliefs are powerful and will manifest accordingly. Then, there you’ll be . . . showing up with the same old behaviors that aren’t getting you what you want, with a smattering of self-loathing.  Become your best friend instead of your worst critic by choosing the thoughts and words that support and uplift you. Read the rest of this entry »

weight loss, health & wellness

Imagine the incredible journey of shedding 350 pounds–what a life-enhancing experience after being housebound for 10 years! I had the honor of meeting Dana B from Santa Cruz, CA recently at an Isagenix conference with the most perfect theme, “Believe and Achieve!” Dana believed in the power of nutritional cleansing and achieved amazing results.

As a speaker, author and coach of creating life transformations with Guts, Grace & Gusto, I wanted to connect with this inspiring woman whose journey symbolizes commitment, persistence and hope. She experienced years of feeling hopeless as her weight continued to climb, reaching 800 pounds. Nothing worked to assist in her weight loss and hope waned.  For five years, she was confined to bed, unable to walk, with her health was failing.

Belief is a powerful magnet, drawing people and solutions together to achieve what might be categorized as miracles. And that was the good fortune of Dana,connecting with two strangers who had a powerful belief in the ability of nutritional cleansing to create extraordinary transformations. They shared some of the transformations of  many members of the company’s 100-300 Pound Club which ignited hope.  Dana had tried just about anything and everything, but nothing really worked, so she was initially reluctant to try something else.  Yet, Dana said “Yes!” and to her amazement, she immediately started getting results. The pounds and inches began to disappear. Read the rest of this entry »

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