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weight loss, health & wellnessHave you ever been so determined to achieve a life-changing goal that you set your intention and boldly declared you were going for it? As a wellness coach, I work with many who do just that. Some are tired of feeling constantly fatigued, exhausted, overweight, and other conditions that are robbing them of vibrant living. They’re  seeking solutions to look and feel better, to have more energy, shed pounds and inches, often lots of them, and to make healthier choices.  It requires setting intentions to succeed and the challenge of changing habits that support their health.  It’s rewarding to see people who set those intentions and take them to heart, reach their goals and triumph in their victories.

There are many factors working against wellness today and why two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and one-third considered obese. Our world has changed and our bodies barraged by toxins, stress and nutritional deficiencies, which contribute to weight gain, energy drain and many degenerative conditions. Toxins and impurities are surrounded by fat cells which accumulate around the organs, midriff and throughout the body in the form of toxic fat. Whole body nutritional cleansing has proven to be an effective solution for so many seeking weight loss and enhancing their overall health. Read the rest of this entry »

goals, happinessDo you resonate to a specific place that makes your heart sing? Mine is the mountains, especially massive, majestic ones, snow and ice-capped with ancient glaciers. Fortunately on a recent trip to France, my travel companions, Anne and Sarah, resonate to them as well.  So, we booked a few days in the chic and charming village of Chamonix, in the valley of the shadow of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. A mountain peak experience to top off our vacation earlier exploring lavender, cobbled streets and the pastoral beauty of Provence.

Anne has quite a connection to the region. French by birth and fueled by a family tradition of climbing majestic Mont Blanc, she took on the challenge and achieved her mountaintop victory five years ago, contributing her story of her gutsy adventures in Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto. While we were in Chamonix, Anne arranged for Sarah and I to meet her multi-talented guide, Lionel Wibault, credited with nearly 2,500 ascents of mountain ranges worldwide. But in addition to his  mountain-climbing prowess, Lionel is an accomplished artist and painter, having his works exhibited at the Louvre, among many other galleries. Artistic genius runs in the family. His father, Marcel Wibault, had 4000 paintings to his credit.

Looking around Lionel’s colorful studio, amidst paintings of mountainscapes, fields of flowers and portraits, I was impressed with his many creative mediums beyond  the canvas. Lionel had intricately carved wooden door panels, painted floral designs in the ceiling, and beautiful calligraphy upon his walls, one which translates as “ Beauty reveals itself to you when you have given your all” and another on his studio door, Bien faire et laisser dire” ( Don’t worry what people say, just do your best). Read the rest of this entry »

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Posted on July 22, 2011 in [Goals]

bucket list, goalsHave you created a “Bucket List’?, a list of all the things you’d like to do or see before time is up to do them and you’re off the planet? Back in high school, I was inspired by John Goddard who presented assemblies on his travel adventures. I had no idea back then until reading the very first Chicken Soup for the Soul book in which he was featured, that as a teen he made a list of 100+ adventures and goals he wanted to achieve. What a wonderful way to create life filled with what you value and want to weave together as your destiny.

Since I also embrace creating life as you most want to live it, I made my own list.  It’s an interesting exercise of what I value, of what feeds my soul. I joyfully cross things off when I do them, and also keep adding to it in anticipation when something else arises.

So, a few years ago, while scanning some travel books, a pastoral scene caught my attention–rows of lavender in France. Ahh! I’ve always been one who stops to smell the roses, and the thought of breathing in the fragrance of a field of lavender sent my stressed out spirit soaring. Well, the epicenter of lavender production is Provence, France and in doing research, scenes of sun-washed hilltop villages,view from Gordes Roman ruins, outdoor cafes, pastoral patchworks of vineyards, olive groves, stately cypress, amber wheat fields, and endless acres of sunflowers and lavender became an irresistible lure.

Last fall, plans were made with two friends, Sarah and Anne, also drawn to Provence’s beauty and charm, to book summer 2011 to stop and smell the lavender in full bloom.

Once there, it exceeded my expectations! Provence was indeed a symphony of sensory delights, as described in some promotional material. The lavender fields were humming from bees taking advantage of the sweet nectar . . . the fragrances from every corner, the color contrasts of purple lavender and yellow sunflowers, the feast of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and crusty bread purchased daily from outdoor markets, say cheeseand then ending each day filled with all of its natural wonders, sitting outside underneath a mulberry tree overlooking a vineyard, sharing with friends for hours on end. friendship, get along

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In rummaging throlove and happiness, relationships, goalsugh my files tonight I came upon a “heartwork” assignment given to my daughter, Stacy, when she was 17.  Admittedly, I was a most intentional parent with a desire for her to make choices for creating a happy, purposeful life. Now eight years later, and with her wedding less than three weeks away, she definitely took it all to heart, and her life has become a reflection of living in alignment with her values and very conscious choices.

Stacy probably didn’t need any nudging, and undoubtedly with me being an author, speaker and coach on living with guts, grace & gusto, those messages swirled around our home all the time. Self-reflection and intentional living was definitely in her gene pool.  However, I was likely the one who needed the assurance that she would be launched from the nest, properly outfitted to soar with all the tools and tactics to carve out a destiny in tune with her heart. Read the rest of this entry »

weight loss, health & wellness

Imagine the incredible journey of shedding 350 pounds–what a life-enhancing experience after being housebound for 10 years! I had the honor of meeting Dana B from Santa Cruz, CA recently at an Isagenix conference with the most perfect theme, “Believe and Achieve!” Dana believed in the power of nutritional cleansing and achieved amazing results.

As a speaker, author and coach of creating life transformations with Guts, Grace & Gusto, I wanted to connect with this inspiring woman whose journey symbolizes commitment, persistence and hope. She experienced years of feeling hopeless as her weight continued to climb, reaching 800 pounds. Nothing worked to assist in her weight loss and hope waned.  For five years, she was confined to bed, unable to walk, with her health was failing.

Belief is a powerful magnet, drawing people and solutions together to achieve what might be categorized as miracles. And that was the good fortune of Dana,connecting with two strangers who had a powerful belief in the ability of nutritional cleansing to create extraordinary transformations. They shared some of the transformations of  many members of the company’s 100-300 Pound Club which ignited hope.  Dana had tried just about anything and everything, but nothing really worked, so she was initially reluctant to try something else.  Yet, Dana said “Yes!” and to her amazement, she immediately started getting results. The pounds and inches began to disappear. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you in the gap, the space of not yet experiencing the life situation of your dreams? I think of dreams as the glitter–the ideas that spark our passions, the bright spots that we envision will light up our future. The “gold” is the achievement of the goal, the dream, our heart’s desire. The gap is all that percolates in between the desire and the achievement of it.

When I’m in that gap, I have to go to work on my thoughts, my feelings, my frustrations and fears. I can’t dwell on the ones that don’t serve my desires; they’ll just keep me stuck in places I don’t want to be. Some things are within my ability to change, but some are not. That’s when I have to remember to “allow”, and replace all those thoughts of how badly I want something, how much I wish things would change, how much better life would be if that dream would hurry up and materialize, to allowing things to be as they are in that slice of life.

Recognizing that some things are not within my power to change, I focus on allowing them the space they’re already taking up in my reality.  It stops the resistance, the gnashing and thrashing as I allow it as part of my life in that slice of time, embracing rather than resisting it.

My daughter, Stephanie, per my last post, with a dream of being part of the entertainment industry, ventured her way to Hollywood earlier this month, where things do glitter and turn to gold for talented souls who hold firm in their resolve. The wait can be torturous, unable to fast forward through the discomfort, frustration and fears. Allowing things to be as they are, and not entertaining thoughts of giving in to them or giving up the dream, fuels determination and persistence–the grit of every desired role or experience of life.

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