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the winning spirit, winning attitudesThe Olympic medal winners around the world are now basking in the glow of their success. As the Olympic coverage has reported, glory often taking place in just a few moments. Yet, often the path paved to the victory stand is riddled with challenges, crushing defeats, exhaustion, disappointments and more.

Yet, the winning spirit, of giving it all they’ve got, is keeping focused with their eye on the prize, until being put to the test with the whole world watching. Read the rest of this entry »

Many of us in the Washington DC metro area are still without power, days after the ferocity of Friday’s storm put millions of us in the dark. It perfectly coincided with record-breaking heat. No power + record heat = long days of misery and nights without any flickers of light. This is a ripe opportunity for dealing with “what is”, when unexpected events slam into your life requiring adaptability and some serious attitude adjusting.

Take away our electricity and our lives are instantly changed–far beyond the creature comforts of staying cool when it’s sizzling outside, keeping refrigerated  foods fresh or out of the dark when light is desired. Every time I forget what I don’t have and flick a switch out of habit, it’s a gentle reminder of gratitude for the things taken so much for granted. Living in a plugged in, wired up world of convenience, instant accessibility, work from anywhere, efficiency and countless other ways, what a lesson in adapability and attitude adjustment when it all goes kaput! Read the rest of this entry »

Updated from article written years ago and inspired from this season’s lessons in patience!

June 14: This is a photo of my “patience plant,” taken today, the same bush which was barren for many seasons, and tested my patience to endure the barren seasons.  Coincidentally, it’s perfect timing, today is the anniversary of my father’s passing, and beautifully demonstrates that faith, patience and careful tending of our desires, does manifest, although we may experience seasons of doubt.

stress reduction, patienceWatching things grow is good for our souls—reminding us of how nature unfolds in just the right way and time. We can’t rush the process, no matter what we do. Some things grow at the speed of time-lapse photography. Other times, it’s more like a waiting and wondering game as in, “Will those seeds ever sprout and grow? “Will that barren bush ever bloom?” I question my green thumb when things don’t grow according to plan, my plan and my timetable. Observing nature teaches me about things I need to take to heart, in all areas of my life, especially when I need to remember them most.

Years ago, I planted a hydrangea bush in memory of my father. It was in glorious full bloom that first spring. The following year I eagerly awaited the display of showy blossoms both for their beauty and for the symbol they represented.  Lush leaves emerged but not one bud. I tended that bush carefully, weeding, watering and fertilizing it. Next season, I waited again for the buds to appear. I was certain they would for I had invested time, energy and effort. Surely I would get the reward. Once again, that barren bush bushwacked my desires.

I asked the garden center what else I could do. “Have patience,” they said.” Sounds like you’re doing everything right.” If I was doing everything right, why wasn’t that darn bush blooming? And so it went. Season after season, year after year. Every spring hydrangeas were in full profusion everywhere, laden with so many flowers they drooped to the ground. Just not in my yard. I dubbed my flowerless hydrangea, my “patience plant.” It had gorgeous, glossy leaves but never a bud for a blossom to grow.

What was I doing wrong? Sure looked healthy and should bear beautiful blossoms. I didn’t give up for I believed that bush would have to eventually blossom. In fact, I was sure of it because I was giving it attention and begging it to bloom. I even talked to it and asked for a little divine intervention. After all, my dad was never long on patience, maybe this was a test!

Finally, all that time, energy and patience paid off—a miracle appeared this spring. Adorning the very top of my “patience plant,” was one regal purple blossom, the long-awaited, crown jewel of patience! To me, it symbolized the power of perseverance and doing what it takes to create manifestation of desire, even without success in sight.

In the garden of life, sometimes success does sprout right away. You make a sale. Get the date. Land the contract. Get the job. Other times when you’re not reaping any harvest from all your time and effort, you may wait and wonder. You may question your ability. You may doubt that what you desire will ever materialize. You might be tempted to give up. Read the rest of this entry »

goals, attitudeWhile my daughter, Stephanie, was living at home, we’d often bond over YouTube videos, sometimes laughing hysterically at animal and people antics, others would light up our hearts with inspiration. Now, living coasts apart, we connect often sharing links. She knows I love stories about how wonderful things happen “out of the blue” and the amazing transformations that result, and grateful for receiving them.

So when she sent me one recently about Caine’s Cardboard Arcade, the subject line in her email read, “Mom, you’ll love this! Take 10 minutes to watch.” She was right. Indeed moments that demonstrate how winning attitudes and creativity are recognized and rewarded, seemingly out of the blue, is time well spent, reminding me of the magic of life and how wonderful things can unfold. When you mix together a brilliant young boy’s creative talent, indomitable spirit and a winning smile with the power of social media, it’s bound to go viral which it has.

Caine simply put his gifts to work for the sheer joy of creating. He brought forth his brilliance in his father’s used auto parts shop, merely for entertainment. All that creativity could have gone unnoticed had it not been for another creative spirit, Nirvan Mullick, a man who stumbled upon the shop andwas instantly impressed by Caine’s talent. Wanting to share with others, he fired up the social media which not only made Caine’s day, but inspired massive action and changed Caine’s destiny:

Caine’s story is layered with lessons:

  • Putting your gifts into expression has both inner rewards as well as the potential of recognition that opens doors of possibilities.
  • Life can usher in just the right circumstances with the potential to change a life and sometimes many lives.
  • People rally to support others with dreams in their heart and talent.
  • Out of the blue, magical things can happen.
  • Remain optimistic in spite of current circumstances when wishes haven’t yet turned to reality.

What possibilities would you like to attract? Are you putting your gifts to work? Out of the blue magical things can happen whenever we put our talents to work and a desire to share with others.

get along, relationshipsChristy Brinkley and her ex are really fueling a media frenzy in trying to make a case that the other is at fault. In my opinion, they’re both out of their heart space and into their egos, and that only fuels more angst and aggravation.

While having lunch yesterday with Arnold Sanow, fellow speaker and coach who coauthored with me, Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere we talked about getting to the heart of needs in all of life’s connections.

Wouldn’t you agree that life is about quality connections? Our success, happiness, and well-being are largely the by-products of our ability to get along well with others and cultivate positive relationships. By revving up the connecting spirit, we attract cherished friendships, valuable relationships, memorable moments, and an abundance of opportunities throughout our circles of influence. At the same time, we reduce the numbers of misunderstandings and conflicts that cost us dearly whether in the form of frustration, confusion, stress, lost revenue, heartache, headaches, or other draining experiences.

Anytime two or more are gathered, there’s an opportunity for all sorts of communication challenges to occur.  However, with the intent to create harmony in our connections, along with arming ourselves with proven strategies to deploy from a vital “get along”kit to either prevent or repair a communication chasm we’re rewarded with relationships that work and connect.

What people do want in their relationships, both personal and professional, is getting to the HEART of needs: to feel heard/honored, encouraged, appreciated, respected, trusted/treasured. If just one of these is missing in a connection, either one or both parties are likely to experience the potential for a  reaction and disconnection. This seems to universally resonate with people because it is what many participants list as one of the most memorable points of my presentations. Read the rest of this entry »

The Power of Flowers on Moods

Posted on February 29, 2012 in [Attitude]

After saying good-bye to a friend this morning who had to move out-of-state to recuperate from her injuries, I was feeling a bit “blue.” I made myself a cup of herbal tea and peering out the window got a surprise, a “jolt of joy” seeing daffodils that poked out of the ground much earlier than usual, reveal their yellow trumpets weeks before their typical unveiling. Adding to the delight, I also noticed a few purple and white striped crocuses poking through the rain-drenched grass. Just these few moments of unexpected beauty helped to shift my mood. Then, while stuck in traffic (a definite stressor in metro DC!) I caught my first sight of  forsythia, and focused on the yellow blossoms, taking my attention away from the line of cars ahead.  Then, another glorious mood-shifter, I captured the fragrance of spring blossoms–all special sensory delights. Wouldn’t you know, research confirms “flower power”  has a very positive impact our moods. Read the rest of this entry »

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