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Awakening to New Wellness Realities
Life has its defining experiences that changes priorities. Mine occurred most unexpectedly in 2004, the mysterious and seemingly sudden health decline of a loved one and the journey that followed in pursuit of answers.  It ultimately awakened me to the new realities of 21st century living and fired up a compelling desire to share insights discovered during this life shift. Our world has changed and health is at stake. Now as never before, it’s vital to be proactive in supporting our health destinies and those of our loved ones.
It’s a sad fact that millions of people today are sick, stressed out, and flat-out fatigued. Two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese.  Many are dealing with multiple health issues, including weight gain, digestive distress, sleep problems, chronic exhaustion, immunity issues, mood problems and more, running everywhere in search of answers, yet not ever feeling well.
Feeling sad, sick, and tired takes its toll on relationships, finances, attitude,  initiative, and work performance, not to mention the significant increases in health care costs, workplace absenteeism, and overall quality of life.
Having witnessed the personal and professional toll of poor health, promoting wellness and well-being has become my personal passion. My compelling purpose as an author, speaker, and coach is to awaken audiences to the current realities that can negatively impact wellness, and offer smart choices for enjoying a destiny of vibrant living.
As I work with clients and listen to the audience responses during my wellness presentations, it’s clear to me that people want to feel better and transform their wellness wishes into reality.
Creating optimum health and well-being is vital for enjoying life with abundant energy! That’s becoming more challenging with all the changes in 21st century living:

  • We’re now bombarded daily with environmental impurities that we ingest, inhale, and absorb into our bodies at rapid rates. The long-term impact from living in an increasingly toxic world makes the headlines every day—weight gain, energy drain, and significant increases in chronic illnesses, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple forms of cancer, and many more.
  • The food industry has changed what America eats. In fact, what many are eating today is not actually food, but “edible food-like substances,” much of it genetically modified and nutrient deficient, and most of it laced with antibiotics, hormones, food additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. The thousands of products lining grocery shelves are manufactured by only a handful of mega-companies that spend millions on marketing and government lobbyists to insure that Washington DC passes regulations in their favor.  Ironically, but not surprisingly, in the three decades since the government has been doling out dietary advice, millions of Americans have become sicker and fatter.
  • Stress, stress, and more stress. Our fast-paced lifestyle can leave us sleep deprived, emotionally drained, and overwhelmed. Many of us are actively caregiving for young children and/or aging relatives. Stress impacts our interpersonal relationships, our mental and physical health, and our overall ability to experience joy.

Waking up to these realities and taking action is crucial for living healthy today with gusto! 

As a consumer educator, I’ve written articles, books, and training manuals and have appeared on hundreds of TV and radio shows, providing countless ideas for living healthier and happier. My presentations to business, government, nonprofits and healthcare feature a range of topics supporting optimum wellness:

  • Steps to feeling healthier, motivated, and more energized
  • How attitude is a powerful transforming agent
  • Ways to manage stress and be more productive
  • Strategies for creating and sustaining positive and productive connections
  • Compelling information regarding how food, consumer products, lifestyle choices and environment are contributing to current health issues and choices that can positively support health destinies

I am passionate about speaking to organizations about creating wellness in a world out of balance. Contact me today to discuss how I can bring an inspiring, authentic, content-rich presentation to your organization.

 With gusto,

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