About Sandy

About Author & Speaker Sandra Strauss

Sandra (Sandy) Strauss, President of Dynamic Options, Inc. is an audience favorite whose inspiring programs offer hope and courage in the face of life’s obstacles and challenges. The co-author of Dancing through Life with Guts Grace & Gusto, Sandy draws upon her own story of navigating a series of difficult medical, legal, financial and care challenges as a result of her husband’s mysterious chronic illness.

Sandy’s true life experiences provide the basis for her sharing many valuable lessons of how to stay strong in the midst of chaos, how to prepare for the unexpected, how to tap into personal power and wisdom, while keeping your wits through it all to sustain your well-being.

In addition to writing books, Sandy is a professional speaker and Personal Dynamics Coach who works with nonprofits, corporations, agencies and associations inspiring audiences to energize the winning spirit for enhancing effective interpersonal skills, encouraging leadership, and navigating life’s transitions with grace and ease.

In addition to Dancing through Life with Guts Grace & Gusto, Sandy is the co-author of Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, a guidebook to creating successful connections and people skills.

Sandy’s expertise combines her keen interests in personal development, interpersonal communications, and meeting the challenges of life. She has conceptualized and launched national marketing campaigns, trained teams, and tracked what people want and how organizations can best serve and exceed those needs.

She’s a member of the National Speakers Association and is featured regularly in print and broadcast media with a focus on maximizing wellness and well-being.

Dynamic, fun, positive, uplifting!”
– Laura Ford, John Hopkins University


You are so energized, positive and know how to captivate the audience.”
– Wanda Williams, EPA, Washington, D.C.


Inspirational, energetic and thought-provoking.”
– Linda Seek, Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD