Have you noticed the alarming increase in people suffering from chronic health issues? Obesity on the rise including young children, along with diabetes, allergies, autism, many cancers, autoimmune issues, and so much more.  

Our health is at stake and much of it at the root of our food supply which has changed dramatically over the last few decades with the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and without adequately testing their impact on human health or our environment.  As a result, with GMOs now unleashed into our food system, the American food industry is producing products with potential to negatively impact the health of us all.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine urges physicians to advise all patients to avoid genetically modified food. Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GMOs (genetically modified organisms) including: immune problems, infertility, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, organ dysfunction, GI issues, and other health problems. 

Avoiding GMOs is not easy these days as GMO food products now constitute a large percentage of our food system including soy, corn, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa which are used widely in American food production and processing, to the point of almost being unavoidable.  Additionally, since labels on GMO foods are not currently required, consumers don’t have this important information to decide what they choose to eat. Our right to know what’s in our food is just one of the reasons why millions worldwide marched against Monsanto last Saturday including myself.

GMOs are changing the very nature of our natural foods permanently. This should be a concern for everyone now that GMOs have infiltrated American agriculture, and around the globe, except the 62 countries that have already said “NO to GMOs” because evidence is so compelling to their hazards. According to The Institute of Responsible Technology,  gene modification bears no resemblance to natural breeding and the DNA of GMOs can have hundreds or thousands of mutations. Research has shown that this manipulation creates proteins that trigger allergies and promote disease.

As a consumer educator and Work and Wellness coach, it was important to join with others around around the world to bring attention to this vital issue and to let our representatives know that GMO labeling must be mandated. There are other issues relative to protecting our farmers, our seeds, and our freedom to preserve natural foods before they’re changed forever through gene manipulation and these are detailed in https://www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstMonstanto

I encourage you to join with the millions, if you haven’t yet, and let your voice be heard by contacting your representative, and say “No to GMOs.” Your voice is especially needed now since Congress voted down last week the requirement for GMO labeling and this means you won’t know what’s in your food. One voice multiplied by millions does indeed make a difference.



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